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  • Non definito

    Payable in Art

    At the Miramare art hotel the rooms are payable in art.
    Painters and sculptors, rising or established, who want to take a trip to Cagliari,
    are welcome.
    Starting from May 2018, the hosted artists will be able to exchange the
    hospitality with their own artwork, representative of their artistic life.
    All artists can send a request with an attachment to their artistic profile at

    The hotel reserves the right to evaluate and verify requests.
    The offer is valid for one artist...

  • Junior Suite

    Eleonora D’Arborea

    Music wafting from an old record player, art deco furniture from the ‘30s, precious rugs hand-made in Sardinia and a small private garden, a glimpse of the harbour, Edwardian nostalgia.

  • Suite

    Giudicale Suite

    A bona fide apartment, featuring two large rooms laden with art and history.

  • Junior Suite

    Mariano d'Arborea

    A lounge area with earthy colours, a wooden floor that evokes a bygone age and a bathroom that boasts an exceptionally modern design.

  • Deluxe

    Deluxe Room, Limited Collection Summer 2018 50% off

    We welcome the new Miramare art hotel collection, Limited Collection Summer 2018 , with 5 new Deluxe rooms.

    Every new Miramare Deluxe Room is a surprise to become, a forge of creations, to which our customers will contribute, in a fantastic creative contest!

  • Superior

    Salusio di Arborea

    As in a painting by Burri, bags of jute imprisoned in resin enclose this marvellous room with its pale, delicate colours and ancient materials.

  • Deluxe

    Guglielmo di Massa

    An appealing room in which Matteo Ambu has created a visionary, off-the-wall, provocative, satirical work. Perfect for those who suffer from insomnia.

  • Deluxe

    Agalbursa di Bas

    Lovers love each other in a vortex of passion. Shapely women in perfect loving harmony. Then a man enters the picture.

  • Deluxe

    Torbeno Lacon Zori

    Guendalina, a young woman who dreams her love story amid coloured butterflies and glasses of champagne. A trip from boredom to joy.

  • Deluxe

    Costantino I de Lacon – Serra

    Brightly coloured fish and animals with dazzling smiles peek out from the portholes. Come and see.

  • Deluxe

    Gonnario de Lacon - Gunale

    Pink flowers, peach blossom. It’ll take a lot to make me leave here.

  • Superior

    Comita de Lacon-Zori

    Two Afghan greyhounds and numerous models will spy on your dreams in this enchanting room.

  • Superior

    Torchitorio de Lacon Gunale

    The monastic rigour of a cell that offers a sideways glance towards the sea.

  • Non definito

    Enzo di Sardegna

    Violet shades and green bed, gazing out to the blue of the sea, and the light of the flowers resplendent on the embroidered ceiling, while the Madonna of the Flower looks on serenely.

  • Non definito

    Ugolino (Nino) Visconti

    A cherry-red backdrop welcomes you into a comic-book room, with a cartoon on the walls, cartoons on the rigorous ebony furnishings and the Giò Ponti lamps.

  • Awakening


    The air in the breakfast room within our prestigious palazzo is filled with the aroma of just-baked pastries.

  • Beauty

    The Garden

    A precious botanical jewel in which to let loose and re-charge your batteries.

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